What do we Know?
What do we want to know?
What have we learned?
We agree that gloabal opporunities and threats have a huge impact on the quality of life now and in the future.

The Vision of the Graduate supports the need to prepare students for Personal and Planetary Security.

With interdependence there is risk. (e.g. Travel has been limited due to H1N1 Flu)

Impacts all areas of the curriculum Preschool-grade 12

Consideration of Personal and Planetary Security have opened up new careers, new economic opportunities and new community service opportunities.

Global communication including and not limited to newspapers/magazines, books, telecommunication, internet, movies, television provide opportunities for wide spread dissemenation of information to various age groups
How much of this topic is being taught or addressed in the curriculum at each grade level? (i.e. Science, Social studies?)

To what extent do we really give children the opportunity to apply knowledge of current environment and health concerns to generate or apply creative ideas, solutions, or products?
"Creativity needs to be more central to the learning process."

"Futures Studies" need to be offered/taught.

It is important for all of us to know what the district is doing at all levels to address this trend?