Trend 10 (Personal/Planetary Security)

“The Earth is our home. Treat it well”

Common opportunities and threats will intensify a worldwide demand for planetary security

With regard to our Trend of Personal/Planetary Security, what should today's educational leaders consider when forecasting and planning for the future of learning in the year 2020?

Today's educators must shift from:
  • Unconnected thinking to connected/systems thinking
  • An environment of isolation to community/collegiality
  • Perceived reality to information-driven reality
  • Individual autonomy to collective autonomy and accountability. (Zmuda, 2004)

Some helpful websites:
Detecting Environmental Trends

12 Guiding Principles for Leaders

In order for people to perform at the highest levels, personal needs must be "handled" first. Refer to the below pyramid as a reminder of the basice human needs.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

external image maslow.jpg