What do we Know?
What do we want to know?
What have we learned?
People feel pressured to be wired and accessible 24/7 which has consequences for personal life and family.

People are inherently competetive and don't want to give anything up.

People feel guilty if they feel they are not being productive.

People are used to high levels of stimulation.

We need balances of content and generic skills (find appropriate information, evaluate, edit, synthesize, commuicate results) individually and collaboratively.

People crave meaning in their lives!
They buy books, go to seminars, hire specialists for this.
How do we help people deal with failure and disappointment?

How does the organization support its stakeholders while dealing with external deadline and expectations?

How do we all respond efficiently and with balance to various and increasing needs, mandates, and expectations?

How do we convince people that they will be more productive if they take time to reflect and engage?

How do we teach students to evaluate and synthesize?
Shared perspectives from elementary to high school to professional levels--this is a universal concern!