Trend 15 (Careers)

“What am I going to do?”

Pressure will grow for society to prepare people for jobs and careers that may not currently exist.

With regard to our Trend of Careers, what should today's educational leaders consider when forecasting and planning for the future of learning in the year 2020?
We need to focus on teaching students probelm solving skills and how to learn how to learn. Context becomes less important than knowing how to find content. Adapability trumps a static skill set. Schools need to create continuous learners. Schools as institutions need to become places that offer all sorts of learning to all sorts of students in all sorts of ways.

We are preparing students for careers that may not yet exist or may be nonexistent in the future. We have data indicating the fastest and slowest growing occupations for the future-2002-2012. We know that our economic future depends on our ability to understand rapid changes in technology and that we need to maintain a workforce that can adapt to them in the future. Schools need to prepare students for entering a workforce not just preparing for post secondary education. Schools have to prepare students to live in a world of changing economies and technologies. Experiential learning must be as important in a curriculum as the traditional in-class learning. Education will need to understand changes in industries and careers and be willing to adapt.

We need more specific information regarding 21st century careers. AS the transition to careers and technology continues are we willing, or able to change the established focus on college preparedness as the driving force of our education. Why, if career and technical jobs are to be in the forefront of the 21st century, do we as a school not recognize the importance of training our students to enter this workforce upon graduation.
How do schools keep pace, or stay ahead, of the changes in technology, the effects on the global economy and the needs created within the workforce?

Change in technology and its effect on the economy can not be ignored. Schools are not equipped to meet these future needs. Rote memorization& feeding it back will have no place in the classroom of the future.