What do we Know?
What do we want to know?
What have we learned?
  • It is difficult to retain teachers
  • More people are leaving than joining the profession each year
  • Keeping teachers requires mentors, sensative school climates, incentives & sense of belonging
  • Attracting teachers require thinking outside the box (flexible schedules, community investment & specialized recruitment/retainment programs)
  • Recruitment may involve on the spot contracts, specialized recruitment, professional learning supports
  • We are competing for employees with the nursing system
  • Training teachers in pedagogy, not just content, is critical "having skills to design learning experiences that inspire and interest children" ~ Gene Carter, ASCD (Vision of the Graduate)
  • With so much new knowledge being created, content will no longer matter; ways of knowing is more important than information (Willingham & Rotherham)~ school districts will have to rethink teacher training
  • Highly qualified teachers should be placed in schools with the most critical needs
  • Professional learning and teacher preparation courses need to be updated and revised to provide teachers with the knowledge and skills required for practice
  • The 21st Century skills movement will require keen attention to curriuclum, teacher quality and assessment.
  • What is Greenwich's data for teacher retention?
  • What are some GPS recruitment practices?
  • How qualifed/ how much experience/ certification do new hirees come with?
  • Which local Colleges/Universities can we identify that provide strong teacher training programs? and can we collaborate to form internship partnerships?
  • What can we co to improve the mentorship program?
  • What retainment incentives do other districts offer?
  • How do other districts provide/afford meaningful professional learning?