Trend 16 (Competition for Educators)

“Educators...apply here!”

Competition will increase to attract and keep qualified educators.

With regard to our Trend of Competition for Educators, what should today's educational leaders consider when forecasting and planning for the future of learning in the year 2020?
The school district needs to think about how human capital is utilized in education. In particular, we need to reflect upon how we provide training to support effective teaching. We need to foster an environment that supports teachers in using student-centered methods such as project-based learning which allows students to collaborate, work on authentic problems and engage with the community, as reflected in our vision of the graduate. As a district, we also strongly need to consider the reinstatement of the instructional coaching program. The district is responsible for funding for professional development and mentorship programs to attract and keep personnel. Districts should also provide on-going, job-embedded professional learning. Strong leadership and collegiality are essential for a collaborative work environment. We need to evaluate teachers to measure how they create richer learning through the use of more complex tasks. School climate needs to be collaborative to engaged teachers to be part of something 'big' . One way to do this is to increase planning opportunities for teachers to work together to develop lessons, projects and to evaluate student outcomes and adult actions as a team. The environment needs to be more flexible to allow professionals to experiment and stagger work hours. In addition, teachers need to have a high degree of computer/technology literacy with access to state of the art technology tools. Teachers need to have space and materials (resources) in order to accomplish these goals. Lifestyle concerns need to be addressed, i.e., affordable housing, childcare and plans for teachers with pre and school age children. If we don't address these professional concerns, we will not be able to attract and keep the quality educators our district requires.