What do we Know?
What do we want to know?
What have we learned?
  • Current testing system supports standardization rather than personalization.
  • Emphasis on mandated testing has limited educational opportunities for many students and compromised teacher creativity.
  • The vision of the graduate is aligned with a trend toward personalization.
  • Some aspects of personalization are evident in RTI, IB magnets, SPED, TEPL standards.
  • Greenwich is a competitive community with high expectations for student achievment presently on mandated tests.
  • Will personalization be more costly?
  • If personalization is more costly, how will it be funded?
  • What will be the unique features of personalization at the elementary, middle and high school levels?
  • What skills will teachers need to personalize education at different levels and staff functions?
  • How will we measure success in a personalized educational environment?
  • How will technology be used to support personalization?
  • Will the state recognize the need to adjust the standardized assessment program to reflect the trend toward personalization?
  • Students will insist on understanding why what they are learning will be useful to them? Students personal interest will drive their learning not there a standardized curriculum.
  • Education is shifting from learning a finite body of knowledge to creatively using a infinite body of knowledge to solve problems of interest to them in their lives.
  • The educators' job is shifting from "herding steers" to "herding cats.".