What do we Know?
What do we want to know?
What have we learned?
A person who is truly wise sees connections
Students need to be nurtured in critical and creative thinking
Giving students wait time tells them we care about what they have to say.
Transdisciplinary learning helps students understand how knowledge can be used.
Students need to be engaged in active learning.
Students need to understand the importance of social responsibility.
What are the implications of this trend for our own school system? How do we organize our system to provide the professional learning essential to meeting the future needs of our students?( teaching thinking and reasoning skills, teaching through a transdisciplinary approach, developing cognitive skills in the area of technology, critical thinking and creativity)
How critical it is that our students today are taught futures studies.
The importance of being visionary leaders who are able to bring people from many disciplines together to solve problems in a new way.