Trend 8 - Continuous Improvement will replace quick fixes and defense of the status quo.

What should today's educator consider when forecasting and planning for the future of learning in the year 2020?

Today's educators must shift from:
  • Unconnected thinking to systems thinking
  • An environment of isolation to collegiality
  • Perceived reality to information-driven reality
  • Individual autonomy to collective autonomy and accountability. (Zmuda, 2004)

When forecasting and planning for the future, educational leaders must consider:
  • Mechanisms and processes for long term planning
  • External forces such as: trends in technology, politics, social issues and economic climate
  • Putting the staus quo to rest - consider new and better strategies when confonted with concerns or opportunities
  • These pinciples of Continuous Improvement must be incorporated into the classroom:
    • Students should be the managers of their own learning
    • Students should be able to monitor their own progress and confer with others
    • Students should be able to gather and utilize data (ex.can distinguish between relevant and questionable information)
    • Students should be able to align lessons and personal goals with the aims of the school system