Trend 9 (Ethics)

“Let’s try to do the right thing.”

Scientific discoveries and societal realities will force widespread ethical choices.

Pragmatic: “whatever works!” Expedient: “Whatever is easiest!” Ethical: “What’s the right thing to do?”

With regard to our Trend of Ethics, what should today's educational leaders consider when forecasting and planning for the future of learning in the year 2020?
Future learning will depend on high school students' abilities to "to wrestle collectively with important public issues that they will encounter as 21st century citizens". Consider the dominant role that technology will play in the dissemination of information. Information is no longer linear - help students to organize large amounts of information and discern and filter this information to make intelligent and ethical decisions.

An educator in the 21st century must ensure openness when problem solving with competing values systems. The 21st century educator must carefully scaffod ethical discussions with a focus on the Socratic method.

As per Cookson, the four elements of the 21st century mind could be the basis for a new approach to education. Those 4 elements include: critical reflection, empirical reasoning, collective intelligence, and metacognition. Any leader must consider these four elements when forecasting and planning for the future in education.