Trend 2 (Diversity)

“Highly diverse…and looking good.”

Majorities will become minorities, creating ongoing challenges for social cohesion.

Worldwide: Growing numbers of people and nations will discover that if we manage our diversity well, it will enrich us. If we don’t manage our diversity well, it will divide us.

The face of the United States of America is changing. Look ahead to just past mid-century, and what will you find? We’ll be a nation where everyone will be a minority.

With regard to our Trend of Diversity, what should today's educational leaders consider when forecasting and planning for the future of learning in the year 2020?
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Educators will need to provide inclusive mutlicultural education. We need to attract and maintain excellent and diverse teaching staff. We need to purposefully plan opportunities to educate our student, parent and community about the increasingly diverse world in which we live. Educators need to ensure the curriculum content reflects the diversity of, and is culturally sensitive to, the changing demographics of the student body and community at large. The depth and breadth of the language program needs to be addressed. A focus will be on global and international communities; social, economic, religious, cultural, and political.

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