What do we Know?
What do we want to know?
What have we learned?
we know the definitions of the gererations

increasingly our students are in multigeneral settings

each group/generation brings a different perspective approach to problem-solving based on their experiences

need a global perspective, no longer only a local view

generations seem to alternate between socially active and more passive and self-centered
how do we work with cultures when we fundamentally disagree with their deep rooted beliefs

if it is true that the social activeness of generations alternates between more active and more passive, what is the impact of having a socially passive generation of teachers guiding a generation of socially active students

is our inability to solve socially intractable problems due more to the nature of the problem or reaction of a generation to the prior generations thinking and actions toward the problems
there is more than one right answer and there is no longer only one way to get to an answer

the process of arriving at potential solutions is as important as the potential solution